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Writing an effective on hold script

Creating a great on-hold script is the 1st step in developing an effective on-hold marketing message for your business & despite what some would like you to believe, writing your on-hold script is not as difficult as you may think.

A basic script consultation is included with every order. Our script consultants will review your script and verify pronunciations of any tricky terminology, as well as provide suggested verbiage improvements, if necessary.


For custom script orders, your consultant will take your ideas and source materials from your website and transform them into customised scripting that will engage your callers.


Our team will work with you to create, revise, and finalise your audio script so that it’s ready for studio production. We’ve helped businesses of all sizes, and within various industries, ensure their scripting will keep their callers informed and engaged.

Creating your script requires preparation time and thorough proofreading.


Start by scripting your voice prompts and on-hold messages in a document and continue to add to this and keep editing until you are happy with the final results and ensure it is clear and precise without being too 'wordy'.


Your script may include one or more of these elements

Menu Voice Prompts to direct callers to departments, for example:

"Welcome to plus on hold. To best direct your call, please select from one of the following options.

- To speak with sales, please press 1

- For our accounts department, press 2
- To speak with customer service, press 3" …etc.


Messages On Hold - mixed with music whilst callers are on hold.

Here are some examples to help you structure your on-hold script

- Message 1 – Get off to a good start… Let the caller know where they are and be courteous.
"Welcome to plus on hold, one of our friendly staff will be with you shortly."

- Message 2 – You are less than 30 seconds into keeping your caller on hold. Give them something to think about…
"On hold messaging has never been so easy and affordable. With plus on hold, there are no ongoing payments, no contracts and you'll own the intellectual rights to your recordings, meaning no catches!"

- Message 3 – What do your callers not know about you?
"Did you know, as well as providing on-hold music and messages, plus on hold is a provider of high-quality royalty-free music, voice-over talent and audio production services?"

- Message 4 – Use the waiting time on hold to your advantage; let callers know about your other services, products, seasonal promotions, offers, or perhaps industry news and interesting topics to entertain them.

"As part of your messages on-hold audio package, we can offer you complimentary menu prompt and voicemail greetings if recorded at the same time! As soon as we attend to your call, please ask us for further details, we'd love to tell you more."

- Message 5 – You may also wish to thank your caller every minute or so and offer additional options.
"Thank you for continuing to hold, your patience is greatly appreciated. We will be with you shortly, however, if you would prefer to leave a message for a callback, please press zero at any time - you will not lose your place in the queue."

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