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With an understanding that comes from obsessive attention to detail, our outstanding creativity brings you an effective, bespoke, perfectly designed audio product.

A pioneer in message on hold services with more than 30 years of experience

Messages On Hold

  • Improve customer perception

  • Entertain callers avoiding silence or chimes

  • Increase sales and save money short term

  • Promote new products & services

  • Keep your customers up-to-date

  • Add value to your business image


  • Provide more trust in your business

  • Leave a professional impression

  • Address after-hours emergencies

  • Connect your customers with you

  • Give specific instructions to callers



  • Professional greetings impress!

  • Auto greeting for when lines are busy

  • Avoids missed calls or hang-ups

  • Improves customer perception

  • Provide important information

  • An alternative to a receptionist 



  • Provide clients with phone menu options

  • Provides a better customer experience

  • Route calls to the right department

  • Stand out from your competition

  • Provides better efficiency

  • We offer a team of creative writers

  • Save time and hassle

  • Sound professional from the core

  • FREE with all recording packs

  • Engage with the perfect scripts


Creative Writing

  • Online audio learning

  • Audio tutorials made easy

  • Audio instructions/step by step

  • Audio conferences and presentations

  • Easier and guided learning


e-learning Audio

  • Impress in any language

  • Market-leading translation services

  • All our voice actors are native speakers 

  • We are experienced language professionals

  • Multilingual on hold messages & prompts

  • Highest quality translations


  • Tell your story in the best way

  • Add a character to your story

  • Professional voice recordings

  • Quality character & voice actors

  • A more immersive experience


Audio Books

  • Voice-overs for all kinds of video projects

  • Give life to all your characters

  • Hook your viewer's interest long-term

  • Stand out from all your competitors

  • Give the right vibe to your stories and ads




  • Assist patrons clearly & precisely

  • Ideal for ingress & egress

  • Ensures patrons move efficiently

  • Perfect for sports & concert events

  • Time-saving & Affordable

  • Fast turnaround for all events

call plus on hold for messages on hold



Having callers on-hold is an inevitable part of life for any growing business.


If callers are confronted with silence, they are likely to hang up and not ring back, which could cost you business.

On hold marketing from plus on hold keeps callers engaged, lets you deliver important messages and improves the likelihood of the caller staying on the line.

The most common version of on hold marketing involves messages with music.

These messages should be informative; such as letting the customer know their position in the queue, reminding them of specific numbers to call based upon different queries, or letting them know about an expected wait time.

On hold messaging & professional greetings are also crucial during holiday periods such as Easter and Christmas as it allows you to easily convey your opening hours and emergency contact details, if required.

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