Premium Messages On Hold Australia. Messages On Hold - No Contracts, No Fuss.


With an understanding that comes from obsessive attention to detail, our outstanding creativity brings you an effective, bespoke, perfectly designed audio product.

In-store Radio Station

Messages On Hold

  • Improve customer perception

  • Entertain callers avoiding silence or chimes

  • Increase sales and save money short term

  • Promote new products & services

  • Keep your customers up-to-date

  • Add value to your business image



  • Professional greetings impress!

  • Auto greeting for when lines are busy

  • Avoids missed calls or hang-ups

  • Improves customer perception

  • Provide important information

  • An alternative to a receptionist 


Creative Writing

  • We offer a team of creative writers

  • Save time and hassle

  • Sound professional from the core

  • FREE with all recording packs

  • Engage with the perfect scripts



Audio Advertising

  • Radio commercials

  • TVC voice-overs

  • Audio for public events

  • Internet audio advertising

  • Cinema / Theatre advertising



  • Provide more trust in your business

  • Leave a professional impression

  • Address after hours emergencies

  • Connect your customers with you

  • Give specific instructions to callers



  • Provide clients with phone menu options

  • Provides a better customer experience

  • Route calls to the right department

  • Stand out from your competition

  • Provides better efficiency

e-learning Audio

  • Online audio learning

  • Audio tutorials made easy

  • Audio instructions / step by step

  • Audio conferences and presentations

  • Easier and guided learning


Audio Books

  • Tell your story in the best way

  • Add character to your stories

  • Professional voice-over recordings

  • Quality character/voice actor talent

  • The whole story made interesting



  • Voice-overs for all kinds of video projects

  • Give life to all your characters

  • Hook your viewer's interest long-term

  • Stand out from all your competitors

  • Give the right vibe to your stories and ads


  • Gapless music with customised messages

  • Increase spontaneous buying.

  • Music updated continuously

  • Inform while entertaining customers

  • Ideal for multi-site shops

  • Stream 24 / 7 to any in-store audio system 

  • The easiest system in the market

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